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Motrat Mustafa - Jusuf Gervalla (kontribut per tre heronjt te kombit)

It doesn't exist words about the homelove Jusuf Gervalla's.

He knew the danger of life but he couldn't stopped his aspiration of the birthplace, he couldn't stopped his internal impulse to fights for the human rights, against the repressions, against the injustice that happened everyday in Kosove against the Albanians.

He didn't do that with arms and brutality, he just set in the pen and his voice but for the enemies he was more dangerouser than a heavily armed man. ..

After all he leaved his homeland to safe his life but his enemies followed him to Germany. His life end in a hail of bullets together with his brother Bardhosh Gervalla and his friend Kadri Zeka.

We have truly lost three heroes and great Albanians..
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