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"22" by Taylor Swift, cover by CIMORELLI!

Preorder our Renegade EP right now:

This song was the winner in our "Vote for Out Next Cover" contest -- thanks so much to everyone who voted! If you're new here, we are 6 sisters originally from Northern California. We have lots of videos, so please check them out! Also, watch our original song "Believe It" on our VEVO channel, .

Hair, Makeup and Styling by the members of Cimorelli.
Filmed by Alex and Christina Cimorelli.
Directed by Christina Cimorelli
Audio Recorded by the members of Cimorelli.
Video and Audio edited by Lisa Cimorelli.
Harmonies written by Lisa Cimorelli.
Props provided by the members of Cimorelli.
"Million Bucks" produced by Neffu, written by the members of Cimorelli.


Thanks so much for all your support!! We love you guys!!!!! :D :D :D
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