[cover] Justin Timberlake What Goes Around

news flash: tshirt sizes are not all the same size. this one got me lookin like a snow white dwarf. cool!

so what goes around? well itll double back
and you should know by now that, well, its come to that
so when you're troubled and
your world is crumblin and
you thinkin that you want it back
guess what? im not your fuckin man no more
your man's a homewrecker. he rocks a hard hat
n when he wrecks your ass too, well you know i called that
n he aint all that, and i know that you know it too
that emptiness you feel inside, i know it grows in you
n i'm aright tho, don't bother minding me.
my life aint better, but whatever, you know i aint the type to flee
so i sit n take it cuz i know its kickin back
n i just hope i'm not livin proof that good guys they finish last
so i sit n laugh cuz we both know you fucked it up
but i guess with you...well enough's enough

What Goes Around cover

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