Justin Bieber 911 Tape Released

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Justin Bieber made history as the first celebrity to take advantage of legislation that protects celebrities from dangerous situations with paparazzi. During what local officials called QUOTE "a tragedy waiting to happen," Justin Bieber made a 911 call asking for help with a dangerous pursuit on the 101 freeway outside of Hollywood. LA city councilman Dennis Zine noted after the situation was resolved that in his opinion it's a miracle that nothing happened. We just got our first listen to the now-released 911 call Just Bieber made during the pursuit, where he repeatedly tells the dispatcher how aggressive the people following him were, adding that they were very reckless. He adds that he'd already gotten pulled over by police, who told him that if the people continued following him, he should call 911. Sure enough, the pursuit continued, and Justin admitted that since he's new to Los Angeles, he didn't even know exactly where he was at the time. To listen to the full taped recording of Justin's 911 call click the link below. Let us know what you think about this dangerous and reckless situation by commenting below. For more J-B updates subscribe to ClevverTV on YoUTube. I'm Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching.

Hosted by: Joslyn Davis

Justin Bieber 911 phone Call paparazzi highway chase fight reckless

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