Jennifer Lopez Is Honored and Honest About her Year of

Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Jennifer Lopez shared the stage with several incredible women at last night in New York. Hear her sincere speech in PopSugar Rush.

"I've had an incredible year of ups and not so ups, and the one thing that got me through was the women in my life."

Jennifer Lopez used her moment at Monday's Glamour Women of the Year gala to thank her female friends and family members for supporting her during a turbulent 2011.

"It's Jennifer Lopez's big night here at NY's Carnegie Hall, and Donatella Versace is here to announce J Lo's award.

"Actress, singer, dancer, record producer, mother of twins, and the list goes on."

Ms. Versace introduced the multi-talented and Versace-clad Ms. Lopez with The All-Star award, just one of several honors divvied out to some very deserving ladies. Lea Michele received "The Diva Next Door" award and took time to say how proud she is to be on Glee.

"Being a part of a TV show that has such a voice, hopefully is showing a generation to be who you are and believe in yourself."

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba kept close to designer Tory Burch before she presented her with The Fashion Force award. Tory told us she feels lucky to have the support of celebrity clients such as Jessica.

"Her support means so much to me on a number of levels, and from a business standpoint, she's wearing our dress and I'm sure many will sell tomorrow."

"I love women, I love supporting women, I love giving women jobs, and I love being a woman."

Chelsea Handler took home The Queen of the Night award from good friend Jennifer Aniston, but before the gala got under way, she revealed the secret to her success and got a little silly.

"I always just try and be very honest about my point of view and be kind of not full of it and say what I think people are thinking and what I'm thinking./Do you have any female comedy icons?/David Hasselhoff."

The night was all about the women, but one of the few men in attendance, Marc Jacobs, offered some sage advice for young ladies who are just starting out.

"Believe in yourself and never quit."

Aside from the Hollywood celebs and famous fashion faces, several political figures and advocates of women were also honored. (use Laura Bush and daughters, etc.)

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