Music Video for Drake & Jimmy's Song "Tweet Tweet"

"Tweet Tweet"
Performed by Jimmy Kimmel and Drake
Music by Jonathan Kimmel
Lyrics by Jimmy Kimmel, Gary Greenberg and Jonathan Kimmel

J: Check this out
J: Here's a Tweet from Shaquille O'Neal
D: Yeah?
J: Dat 2 year old smokin on the internet, is dat real?

J: And here's another one from Larry King
J: Whoever came up with Peanut Butter and Jelly
J: Deserves a Nobel Prize in Something.

D: Let me try, this one's from Justin Bieber's list
D: He says, "Hey, Did you know that bed bugs really do exist?"
J: I didn't!

D: Jessica Simpson posted one I just seen...
D: She said My bro-in-law gave me a book to read...
J: Oooh, that was mean.

Follow You Follow Me
Tweet Tweet..
D: Tell me something now...
Follow Me Follow You
J: Tell me nothing now
What are you thinkin? Just...
Tweet Tweet
BOTH: I want your update...
Follow You Follow Me Follow me...

D: I saw a Tweet from Amanda Bines...
D: She said I like black men, I'm very attracted to them, fyi
J: Who isn't?

J: Here's somethin Demi want us to know...
D: Lovato?
J: Yeah - "My waiter's name was nacho."

D: Tila Tequila's getting hungry as a mother...
D: "We are spraying whipped cream all over each other."
J: Yuck.

J: Let's not forget one Ashton Kutcher did.
J: "Did you know fish have NO EYE LIDS!"
D: Deep...(nodding)


D: Want to know how Britney Spears stays lean?
J: She says, "My daddy got me a Blizz Berry Machine"
J: Michael Jordan is a Twitterin' pimp,
D: He said "On new years, I had way too many shrimp."


JD: Heidi Montag picked up some Chinese food...
JD: Paris Hilton goin to the club she needs a new dude ..
JD: Lil Bow Wow got an x-box tattoo
JD: Snoop Dogg askin, "What it do, neffew?"


D: Young moolah baby...

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