Elina Duni Quartet - Spaske pas nji pikë mëshirë

Spaske pas nji pikë mëshirë - music & lyrics: Isuf Myzyri
Live @ Dokufest 2013 - Filming KTV
English lyrics:
You had no pity

You had no pity, my love.
How did this happen?
I’m not expecting anything from you
just talk to me.

Why do you have a grudge against me?
Life can’t be spent in anger.
Talk to me once, black eyed one
don’t be afraid to sin.

You had a heart of stone, my love.
How did you endure all this?
I’ve promised I won’t love another
besides the Rose of Elbasan.

When they told me you were mournful
they would better have killed me.
Even if they take me away from Elbasan
I’ll never give up on this love.

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