Just For Laughs: Gags - Season 9 - Episode 3

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Just For Laughs: Gags - Season 09 - Episode 03

A presentation of the Just For Laughs: Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste Pour Rire Les Gags, l'émission de caméra cachée la plus comique de la télé!

S09 EP03 - 2008

Pranks* in this episode include:
1- Take my picture next to this gun turret!
2- Jesus resurrects dead mouse
3- Nun lifts heavy box
4- Shopping cart full of farting beans
5- Destroying champaign glasses
6- Thief accomplices
7- Car trunk breaks frame
8- Crane takes car away
9- Porta potty tips over
10- Blind man's girlfriend flirting with other guys
11- Real X-Ray security screening
12- Good samaritans with too many choices
13- Lobster attack!
14- Old Lady showing pictures...of you!

*individual prank names might differ from previous uploads.

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