Taylor Swift - Shake It Off Parody | Shave It Off

Now that Movember is over, Michelle Glavan channels Taylor Swift and tells all the Mo Bros out there that it’s time to shave it off. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments!

Michelle Glavan
More from this video on Michelle's channel: http://bit.ly/ShaveItOff

Michelle Glavan - http://youtube.com/MichelleGlavan
Josh Parker - http://www.youtube.com/calibamaboy
Brock Baker - http://youtube.com/McGoiter
Steve Zaragoza - http://youtube.com/stevezaragoza
Joey Salinas - http://youtube.com/JoeySalinasTV
Mike Falzone - http://youtube.com/mikefalzone
Simon Mendoza - http://youtube.com/simonyc
Ryan Johnson - http://youtube.com/RedcatOB

Dejan Tubic - http://youtube.com/iDejANCE

Special thanks to DanceOn https://www.youtube.com/DanceOn

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