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Lara Fabian - Best of - (2010) - FULL ALBUM - 2CDs

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On s'aimerai tout bas
Je t'aime
Si tu m'aimes
La difference
Pas sans toi
Tu t'en vas
Je suis malade
Requiem pour un fou
Perdere l'amore
I will love again
Broken vow
Ensamble (ft. Ray Charles)
J'y crois encore
Tu es mon autre
Je t'aime (live from En toute intimite)
La lettre
Ne lui parlez plus d'elle
Je me souviens
Un cuore malato (ft. Gigi D'Alessio)
No big deal
The last goodbye
I guess I loved you

Best of Lara Fabian is the first compilation released by Lara Fabian. It debuted at #1 on the Belgium Wallonie chart.

The album focuses mainly on her French success, excluding her first album and previous singles. It includes all her charted singles except "I Am Who I Am", "Love By Grace", "Aimer déjà", "L'homme qui n'avait pas de maison" and "Soleil, soleil." In addition to her hit singles, the album features two new songs: the single "On s'aimerait tout bas" and a virtual duet with Ray Charles, "Ensemble."

The album is also available as a limited edition with a DVD of a Tout les femmes en moi special.
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