BRITNEY SPEARS CAN'T DANCE!!! & Jenna Rose O.M.G -- Oh My Gross, She's 12!!


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Comment Questions of the Day:
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1. Will it help Linday Lohan's career to drop the Lohan?

2. What do you think of the musc video for O.M.G by Jenna Rose? Be honest! LOL
You can disagree with me!

3. Are you excited for Britney Spears album and GMA performance?

4. Who is your favorite character on Jersey Shore? Thoughts on this season?

5. Do you think Denna was a C*ck Block in the finale?

6. Did you see The Office!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Who is the WORST TV couple EVER?

In this episode, Michael Buckley covers Lindsay Lohan -- or rather JUST LINDSAY! Jenna Rose is back with a sexual and disturbing video O.M.G! Oh My Gross! Britney Spears doesn't dance much anymore but I don't care -- do you? The Jersey Shore season finale! Teen Mom coverage AGAIN. The Office was amazing and THE END! What the Buck

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