Elina Duni - Lume Lume (Metarecords) [Full Album]

Elina Duni - Lume Lume
Released 2010-04-30 on Metarecords
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1. 00:00:00 Elina Duni Kënga e Qamiles
2. 00:02:54 Elina Duni Ki zandana me kamerav
3. 00:08:08 Elina Duni Lume, lume
4. 00:14:04 Elina Duni Do marr çiften
5. 00:19:42 Elina Duni Kur me del n’sokak
6. 00:24:02 Elina Duni Ha bu ander sevdaluk
7. 00:28:49 Elina Duni Dhen mboro Manoula
8. 00:34:15 Elina Duni Nёnockё
9. 00:39:07 Elina Duni Hapi sytё e zezё
10. 00:43:50 Elina Duni Spaske pas nji pikё mёshirё
11. 00:49:05 Elina Duni Kaval Sviri
12. 00:56:03 Elina Duni Riverman

Seldom has modern jazz been so lively as it is with the young singer Elina Duni. Born in Albania, Duni dips the folk songs of her native country in contemporary jazz of the highest quality. Melodies full of longing and spirited rhythms from the Balkans meet sensitive, jazzyacoustic contours. But above all, the agile and moving voice of Elina Duni stands out. With her quartet, she has created her own, passionate genre. Her second album ”Lume, Lume” bears witness to this, dazzlingly.
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