2ton/h wood pellet production line

zhangqiu yulong machine co..ltd produce the full biomass pellet production line machine, fertilizer pellet making line machines, animal feed pellet making line machines, such as wood logs bark peeling machine, logs splitter, sawdust making machine ,wood chipper, hammer mill , dryer and cooler, mixer , pellet machine and briquette machine, screener, packing machine and all conveyors e.c.t . greatly welcome to ask me for details .

for this 2ton/h biomass pellet line in video, it is organized by hammer mill, materials silo ,two sets XGJ560 wood pellet machine and cooler , Screener and packing machine, the transporting materials type is mainly by air before pelletizing process, this way will avoid dust pollution and takes little place.

For the key pellet machine , technology list as below :

Power : 90+0.25kw
Capacity : 1ton/h
Weight : 6.2ton
Dimension : 2600*1300*2400mm
Contains air fan +dust filter .

Besides, it adopts both flat die pellet machine and common ring die pellet machine advantages, contains ring die inside , but ring die and roller assemble works in a horizontal level not vertical level. Our horizontal level working room ensure the large pressure between roller and die, feeding materials vertically and directly to pelletizing room, ensure large capacity pressing pellets efficiency.

if you have any questions or want to sent inquiry, please left me message of your mail or directly sent mail to litearn@yljx168.com or liulitearn@gmail.com

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