Taylor Swift Beatboxing Vs. Selena Gomez Rapping

Taylor Swift Beatboxing Vs. Selena Gomez Rapping
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So we've seen Selena Gomez rap and we just recently witnessed Taylor Swift beatboxing. So between the two BFFs which one has more swagger?

Tswifty surprised viewers this week by showing off her beat boxing skills while hosting the Grammy Nomination concert alongside American Rapper LL Cool J. The best part? It was to her single, 'Mean' — and while she brought on the beats, Cool J took on the lyrics.

And Selena, well it's no surprise the girl has a hip hop side to her, after all she is dating Justin Bieber — who pretty much invented the word swaggey. The video of her rapping to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass just never gets old.

Okay, so we love both Selena and Taylor — and to top it off, we love their friendship. But in all seriousness — I need you to take a step back, maybe watch these videos over again and let me know which gal is the most swaggalicious?

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