Elina Duni Quartet, Vajzë e valëve, Cully Jazz Festival 2013

Girl of the waves
her heart can't bear it anymore.
On a rock by the sea,
she weeps, poor girl, she weeps.
Waiting for the one
while pain tears her apart.
All come and go
only he doesn't appear.
"Beautiful birds
my only hope lies in you.
You who fly over land and sea
please listen to my plea."
"Did you see him
is he dead or alive
is he writing a letter
does he still remember me?"

Elina Duni voc, Colin Vallon piano, Patrice Moret bass, Norbert Pfammatter drums
Filmed by Radio Télévision Suisse Romande 2013
Director: Stéphane Matteuzzi, Concept: Yvan Ischer

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