Armend Rexhepagiqi - Mami, mami (Jugovizija 1990)

Armend Rexhepagiq - Mami, mami (Jugovizija 1990) Music & Arrangement: Armend Rexhepagiqi (Armend Redžepagić). Lyrics: Aida Baraku. Audio (c) Jugoton / RTV Priština 1990 Song from Jugovizija 1990 - the Yugoslav pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest 1990 held in the Croatian seaside town of Zadar, the hometown of 1989 ESC winners Riva. 16 songs were in competition, and Armend Rexhepagiq finished 6th. Armend Rexhepagiq is a popular Kosovar singer.

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