Cyanide- A tribute of Independence


I pop a bottle of champagne, and fill everybody's cup,
If you're Albanian and you're proud, put your fucking eagles up,
'cause I got this fucking feeling that I want it to last,
Yea we been to hell and back, but independent at last,
Illyrian decadent, yea the oldest of all,
We saw Serbia grow; and now we're watching it fall,
What goes around comes around, that's what they always say,
You know what; tell Russia fuck you since they want it that way,
U.S.A got our back, so of course, we got their back,
I guess that's why **************************,
Somebody please tell the rally in Belgrade to dead it,
Its ova, Kosova's independent, dummy don't you get it?
Fuckers know we bow to fight, Albanians will never tire,
Jealous motherfuckers put the U.S Embassy on fire,
Their best bet is to be quiet, if they wanna be safe,
'cause just like Slloba, I swear to god we'll put you in the fucking grave...
Serb you aint a bully, you a pussy best believe it,
You saw Kosova set a goal, and then you saw us achieve it,
Kosova was never yours, so you can't have it back,
Fuck with us, we'll have Serbia laying on its back,
U.S protects our human rights; you go burning their flag,
I will light your ass on fire, like the lighter does fagg,
I've herd some Serbian rappers, think we fucking around,
Until I bury them all, and make them really underground,
We got it cause it's ours, nothing came out of pity,
Somebody tell Dj Vlad, don't let me catch u in the city,
He's a pussy that's all wet, waiting to be fucked,
But no Albanian is a fagg, so we cutting him up, bitch..

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