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2Ton Bridge — “Pennies On The Shore” from the DIGITAL 45 (2015) #2TonBridge - Enjoy 2Ton Bridge’s “PENNIES ON THE SHORE” (Written by Alexander Wright, Monkee Room Music/SESAC) from the new “Digital 45”. 2Ton Bridge is Alexander Wright: a hands-on troubadour with a voice of reason digging deep into rich musical soil. The cultivated songs are colorful portraits of the struggle for dignity and significance by a man confronting personal watershed moments. Get your TWO SONGS from 2TonBridge’s “DIGITAL 45” NOW at & #2TonBridge

** Lyric Video Design & Production courtesy of Ivan Christian Raveane. More here:

“2Ton Bridge” “Pennies On The Shore” “Alexander Wright” “Marvin Etzioni” “Lone Justice” “Alex Wright” “Tammy Rogers” “Eric Haywood” “Jonah Tolchin” “Coachella Valley” “Jerry Donahue” “Matt Malley” “Luigi Salerni” “Richard Montoya” “Mark Boone, Jr.” “Lurssen Mastering” “Wood Shaman” “Shakespeare” “Tom Russell” “Phil Parlapiano” “Joachim Cooder” “Ry Cooder” “Leonard Cohen” “Waldorf Education” “Arthur Godfrey” “Fabulous Dorx” “8 Hand String Band” “Maverick Movie Awards” “The Devil With Boobs” “Little Helen Rose” “Rip Van Winkle” “Wallenboyd Theatre” “Pipeline Productions” “Alton Jones Arts for the Future” “California Arts Council” “Pacific Repertory Company” “Pasadena Waldorf School"
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