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    Webfaqe shkencore ku mund të gjeni materiale shkencore nga Gjuha Shqipe,Matematika,Fizika,Kimia,Informatika, mund të shkarkoni fjalore etj...
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    Portali i Studentëve Shqiptar
  • Welcome to "Daci" Law Firm

    Daci Law Firm, operates in the area of legal practice focus mainly but not only on: Legal Consultancy, drafting of legal documents especially such as international contracts, foundation’s documents (memorandum of understanding and statute) for companies, associations, trade unions and other forms of association, legal representation before all first instance courts, appeal courts of the Republic of Albania, Supreme Court of the Republic of Albania, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania and before other public and private legal and natural persons, including international arbitration tribunals, European Court of Human Rights etc. Daci Law Firm offers also assistance in preparing visa application and supporting documents for Schengen States as well as for other states. Daci Law Firm offers its services also in Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, United States of America and United Kingdom through the cooperation with its associates and partners.
  • Portali i lajmeve AlbMedia - Lajme te ndryshme ... sport teknologji vendi bota rajoni showbiz opinione argetim lifestyle etj...

    Portali AlbMedia eshte i pavaruar dhe informacioni eshte i sakte dhe i shpejte . Ne do e gjeni lajme te ndryshme nga bota,vendi dhe rajoni .Lajme mbi sportin, teknologjine, opinione , showbiz, politike , argetime, humor etj...

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  • Dragusha

    Dragusha.Net - Domain / Margeting / Shpallje / Radio / Informatikë /
  • Chati Shqiptar - Albanian Chat - ju ofron komunikim me kamer, ze, dhe shkrim. Chati me i madh Shqiptar - Albanian Chat.
  • Youth Empowerment Above Horizons (Yeah,Albania)

    YEAH! (Youth Empowerment Above Horizons) is an organisation that got birth from the idea that some youngsters had after experiencing youth work in different levels. Therefore, thinking that in our community in local and national level, there is a lot to do, and evaluating the power of youngsters to change realities, we pushed forward the idea and now we are here with YEAH!
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    Where albanians are online...
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    Website informativ shqiptar