Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber One Shot - All around me

My hands are searching for you. My arms are outstretched towards you. I feel you on my fingertips, yet you were so out of reach.
"I'm alive, I'm alive" I whispered to myself as I sat in the corner of my dark room. I listened to the sound of my own weeps and sobs. I listened to my heart beat that was slowing down. I threw my head in my hands.
I could feel him all around me, thickening the air I'm breathing. He was holding on to what I'm feeling and savoring this heart that's trying to heal.
I held up my hands above my head and I could hear you whisper. I could hear you whisper something. Something I could not exactly make out. It got louder and louder.
"I love you" I ran my finger through my hair, pulling it praying the sounds would go away.
"You don't love me!" I screamed even though he wasn't even here. I began to fade into our secret place. A place that only we knew. A place to get away. A place to feel at peace. The music makes me sway. The angles are singing we are alone with you. I am alone. And they are too.
"I'm alive, I'm alive" I thought. I prayed. I felt his presence. He was thinking the air I was breathing again. And so I cry, the light was white, and I could see him.
Please just go away. Please. I cried into my knees.
"I love you" He whispered again. Only closer to me, which made me shiver. How is this so real. I started to convince myself he was actually here with me. But he couldn't. I started to think I was beginning to go mentally insane.
"I gave you my hand... my heart...me" I whispered to where his voice was coming from. "You said you would never leave me." I cried to the whisper. Wherever it was coming from. "You said you would never leave me!" I screamed. "I believed you! I believed!" I confronted him. Even though I knew he would never hear it. How could he? He cheated. He left.
I couldn't be without him. I couldn't. I need him like I needed air to breath. He was the blood in my veins. He was the one who kept me going. He was the one who would catch me when I would fall. He was my rock.
But what do I have now? Nothing. Now there's nothing stopping me.
What's the point of life if your unhappy anyways? Miserable? There isn't a point. There will never be a point. My happiness is gone and soon I will be too.
I entered a state where I felt so numb I couldn't even force myself to speak. I could barley get myself to move. But the motivation to move was a lot more intriguing then to speak. I knew that if I move, I could find something. Pills? A gun? A knife? Anything to end this pain.
My feet ended up taking me into the my bathroom. I found my hands rummaging through my medicine cabinet and found my self grasping a bottle of Vicodin. Strong pain medication. Too much of them and you OD and possibly die. Very addicting, I've heard, but I knew that wouldn't be an issue.
I popped the top off and grabbed a cup from the cabinet and filled it with water. No second thoughts. No regrets. No stopping now. It was now of never.
I popped a few in my mouth and washed it down with the cold water. I could feel them make there way down my throat. Them I took a few more. And more. And more, until the whole bottle was empty. I was disappointed. I needed more. What if it doesn't work?
I knew well that I was going to die. I took a full bottle of these pills. But I need that reassurance. An extra few pills just to seal the deal. Even though I was still a little fuzzy and the pills were kicking in, I looked for more, anything.
I found some Advil and some other over the counter drugs and downed them. I took one last sip of my water before collapsing on the ground. My legs finally gave out. I looked up into the light above me. Things began to become more fuzzy and I felt myself starting to feel unconscious.
I felt a peace wash over my body. Everything went black when my eyes finally decided to shut for good. I drew what I knew what be my last breath.
Goodbye World.

A few days later 20 year old, Selena Gomez was found dead in her bathroom. Cause of death: OD via Vicodin and several over the counter medications. MO of suicide: undetermined.

Justin shut off the TV. He head burried in his hands, running his clammy hands through his dark hair. He couldn't believe that he had lost the one thing that he loved most in his life. He thought, 'What's the point of living if I'm so unhappy? Miserable?" There wasn't a point. Nothing was stopping him. He could feel her all around him. Thickening the air he was breathing.
Havent posted in a while! Sorry if its kind of scary! i just rediscoved all around me by fly leaf and was inspired!!
xoxo ~Jasmine

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