Freddie Mercury - My Tribute to the Persian Poppinjay

My tribute to Freddie Mercury otherwise known as Farrokh Bulsara or Freddie Bulsara. The man is my idol. He inspired me to try harder when learning my piano scales and whatnot. I think this is the only way I can pay tribute to the man I have known for all of my childhood. RIP Freddie Mercury 1946-Forever @DrBrianMay stiil hasn't tweeted to me. Naw I'm just kidding(but he really hasn't tweeted to me) but a tweet from him would be a dream :) I hope you enjoyed this 6 hours of non-stop editing by a 13 year old girl who soon got scolded by her mum for staying up late to wait for 24th November to able to post this tribute video. It's going to be a depressing day every 24th of November UPDATE: BRIAN MAY RETWEETED & TWEETED ME ON RESPECTIVELY THE 03/03/ 2013 AND THE 07/03/2013 -Alenaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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