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2Ton Bridge — “I’m A Hoot Owl” from the DIGITAL 45 (2015)

2Ton Bridge (Alexander Wright) continues to connect distant shores with the single, “I’M A HOOT OWL” (written by Alexander Wright & Marvin Etzioni, Monkee Room Music/SESAC). It’s the perfect Fall weather soundtrack! Get your TWO SONGS from 2TonBridge’s “DIGITAL 45” NOW at & #2TonBridge
** Animated Video Original Illustrations by Chloe Bristol with Design & Production by Steve Ammann.

ABOUT “I’m A Hoot Owl” from the ARTIST:
"There’s a tree outside my porch that dances in the wind. The owls find comfort, shelter, and solace on the branches. Sometimes I imagine myself sitting beside them, seeing what they see; silent in the night and wrapped in the wings of love." ~ 2Ton Bridge

“2Ton Bridge glide on A BEAUTIFUL MELODY as they circle the ground with ‘I’m a Hoot Owl’. Alexander Wright softly asks for ‘darkness to be kind’ as he whispers, ’I’m a Hoot Owl’ to the breeze of strings and harmonies.”

“‘I’m a Hoot Owl' is a LUSH LULLABY seasoned by accordion, plangent lap steel along with SHIMMERY GUITAR and MANDOLIN fills.” (( Coachella Valley Weekly, Palm Springs, CA ))

MORE on 2Ton Bridge:

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